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Powerful, intuitive and secure

At Dentalstream we are commited to ensuring the confidentiality and security of all of our electronically protected health data. The Dentalstream system has been built from the ground up to exceed the requirements of the HIPAA and the ISO 27001. We continually monitor security standards and have a program in place to ensure we are continually improving and updating our security system. This includes an industry standard SSL connection, automatic time out features, unique user name log in and password protection, data encryption, multiple layered back up of data and extensive user audit trails.

Compliant Hosting

All patient data is stored using Amazon Web Services and is kept within the EU. This ensures that we are compliant with all the major data assurance programs.

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SSL encrypted connection

We provide the same level of connection encryption as your Internet banking software. This means that when data is transferred between your computer and the web server it has been encrypted to prevent anyone listening in from gaining access to it.

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Automatic session expiry

With any system that contains sensitive patient data there is the risk of unauthorised access taking place if the user forgets to logout. To alleviate this problem we have set a short timeout period which triggers an alert that must be interacted with otherwise the system logs out automatically. Once this happens the username and password must be re-entered to gain access again.

Who are we?

Ben Molyneux is an implant dentist who has been working in the city of London for the past eight years. Having spent many years working closely with referring dentists Ben has developed a keen interest in the logistics and management of patients during the referral process.

Codestream is a software company based in Singapore and founded by Simon Ilsley, a UK national. With over 20 years of experience in delivering software solutions, Simon has built the team that will drive Dentalstream.

"A referral system based on letters and faxes has significant frustrations and inefficiencies. With no real time contact from the specialist a referring dentist can feel left in the dark about their patients treatment. Writing and sending letters, managing and organising referrals is a headache, it's time consuming and in the busy life of a dental practice it can often get delayed."

Ben Molyneux

Get in touch with us.

Our offices are split between the UK and Singapore, allowing us to be contacted at any time during the day.

  •  +44 (0)207 680 1800 (9:30 - 18:30 GMT)
  •  admin@dentalstream.co.uk
  •  The Corn Exchange, 55 Mark Lane, London EC3R 7NE

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